The loudest band from the Lowlands is celebrating its 20th anniversary! When the Lighttown diehards rose up from Eindhoven in 1995 they had a damn good feeling about the road ahead, but no-one foresaw it would lead Peter Pan Speedrock across the length and breadth of Europe numerous times, cut through by tours in North America and Australia.


With over 25 releases under their belt PPSR are still getting better at what they do best: supercharging their own brand of rock & roll vigor. And their hands on approach doesn’t stop there. After recording with the likes of Kurt Bloch and Tomas Skogsberg, PPSR harnessed that experience, pulled their weight and built their own studio. It became the bedrock for their finest platter to date: Buckle Up And Shove It! verges on their blistering live sound like never before.


Now let’s get you up to speed on the current jubilee year. 2015 already saw the fifth installment of Klok Rock Orange, PPSR’s Kingsday festival for a royal dose of rock & roll. Mark November 21 on your calendar for Speedfest, the grand slam of rock on Dutch soil, instigated by PPSR. This annual international festivalhalla lights up for the tenth time, so it’s bound to be an extra special shindig.


Furthermore, PPSR have plenty of other projects in the works. Later this year a heavy duty photo book goes to print, highlighting two decades of Speedrock antics. Meanwhile they’ll rectify the only omission in PPSR’s discography: a bona fide live album. Beyond that a massive vinyl box is in the pipeline, which must be a treasure trove for Speedrockers all over the world.


There’s more news on the touring front, as PPSR will take off for a fourth trip to the USA, boosting the release of Buckle Up And Shove It! on the American label Self Destructo Records. On top of that the three–headed beast is planning to land in Japan. They will conquer new territory as they have done in the past 20 years: win them over by playing scorching live shows – one of the many reasons Peter Pan Speedrock shall ring on forever and a day.