For the first time in a decade, The Netherland’s prevalent group of  balls out/motherfuckering rock n’ roll, Peter Pan Speedrock, will finally service their fan base in North America with their latest offering entitled “Buckle Up And Shove It” to be released on limited vinyl LP and CD through Self Destructo Records.


Peter Pan Speed Rock is easily and hands down the hardest working band to ever come from the Dutch rock n’ roll scene, and that can be said with absolute confidence on our end.  For a band whose name Peter Pan comes from the term “Peter Pan syndrome” (aka The Refusal To Grow Up syndrome), these guys have a career that has spanned twenty years with the result being 1800 shows, nine LP’s, a handful of E.P’s and split releases with the likes of fellow neck breakers Zeke, V8 Wankers, Gluecifer, and Danko Jones.  They have done transcontinental tours (Europe, Russia, Australia, and USA) and have created and organized their annual and worldwide celebrated festival, Speedfest, which is held in their hometown of Eindhoven “Rock City”.  They have shared the stage with some of the biggest names in underground hard rock, including Motorhead, Monster Magnet, Anthrax, Suicidal Tendencies, The Fuzztones, Red Fang, The Reverend Horton Heat, Turbonegro, Nashville Pussy, Napalm Death and many more across the planet.

It’s been nearly ten years (and countless amounts of Grolsch) since these guys have had a US release (Pursuit Until Capture c/o Prophase Music 2007) and they’ve only gotten heavier, louder and more abrasive with their sound and approach since.  The last time PPSR were in the US was during the turn of the century (before some planes hit some buildings) and ended up with the band making TWO appearances at SXSW (2001/2003) and a 25 date tour with the preeminent Georgia sex, riff, n’ whiskey thumpers Nashville Pussy through the US and Canada.


Buckle Up and Shove It consists of thirteen tracks where elements in the songs pay homage to the likes of

Motorhead in overall heaviness along with AC/DC – in riff structures and swagger of The Damned (for which they cover “New Rose” for good measure).  Tracks like “Murdertruck”, “Get You High” and the title track lay a sonic assault on all within earshot and reinforces the notion to the listener that this band goes hard during recording sessions.  It is safe to say that their live shows are on another level and must be experienced to fully grasp the talents and capabilities these three cats bring on a stage.


To be pressed on CD and limited vinyl in a first edition of flaming translucent beauty, which is set for release in late Spring 2015. CD and digital for the North American continent online through Self Destructo Records online store and Cobraside Distribution.  We here at Self Destructo Records have been avid fans of these guys for years and the opportunity to work alongside Suburban Records to push these guys in North America is something we’re not taking lightly, we’re proud to have PPSR be a part of our roster alongside The Meatmen, The Hip Priests, Against The Grain, Razorbats and the rest of our brothers here.